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Occupational Octaves PianoTM is the first language of music developed specifically for individuals with various special needs, such as autism, A.D.(H.)D., Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, and others. OOP brings clarity to the musical instructions that are normally hidden within the complex structure of traditional music.


Most people believe that a neurotypical pianist follows two repeated steps – read the note and play the note. However, pianists actually take FIVE important steps while reading music: translate, process, instruct, play, and return eyes.


Students who benefit cognitively from reading music and playing the piano benefit from these five steps in repetition as opposed to the act of reading traditional music itself. In order for these five steps to work smoothly, translating the music must be handled functionally and easily so that the other steps may have equal attention.


OOP lessons are customizable and may include suplemental music theory lessons uppon request.




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