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We invite you to Silicon Valley Music School to get your kids started on the journey into the wonderful world of music – baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary. Starting from the first day of our life, music surrounds us, becomes a part of our world. We don’t know how to listen to the music - to feel the rhythm or tune of it. Yet we absorb something. After traditional nursery rhymes and lullabies, the most beneficial to the child is classical music, which brings harmony, grace and astonishing richness of tone shades.

Our private lessons are focused on individuality of each student. Parents are to discuss the year plan with a teacher, certification and the pace of the study.  As part of our job, we may need to offer constructive criticism to help you or your child become a better student of music. If you or your child sensitive to criticism, – please tell us know so we can optimize the music learning experience.

So please help us to do our best by answering these questions:

         · How much time do you or your child anticipate will be devoted to practice?

         · Which type of music do you or your child prefer?

         · What kind of music do you or your child have an  interest in learning?

         · How do you or your child feel about performing? 

         · What is your or your child’s goals and inspiration for music? 

         · What kind of instrument do you have? 

         · How much involvement are you as a parent willing to have in practice and lessons?

We prepared our students for different noncompetitive tests and auditions throughout the year:

         ♦ Certificate of Merit with Music Teacher Association of California (MTAC)

         ♦ Auditions with Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

         ♦ National Auditions with American College of Musicians

         ♦ Royal Conservatory Music Development program

         ♦ AP Music Theory

All of these tests help students to get academic education, which is equivalent to the primary school. But with one difference – student could start taking the test from any level. Our teachers, based on student’s character and level, could prepare his/her for most benefit program. At our school each students will have much freedom of choice in programs, including the pace of learning.

We can take your child on this path by teaching him to play the







Private classes:

   ♦ 30 minutes class - $55 once a week / $50 twice a week

   ♦ 45 minutes class - $70 once a week / $65 twice a week

   ♦ 60 minutes class - $85 once a week / $80 twice a week

Music theory group classes (Saturday, 5:00):

   ♦ 60 minutes class - $30 once a week

String ensemble (Sunday, 10:00):

   ♦ 60 minutes class - $20

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