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Family Music for Toddlers

Musik Garten 

Awaken a Lifetime of Musical Participation


ChaldIn our Family Music for Toddlers class, we will delight in the endless energy of your children as they bounce, rock, and dance in a carefully designed musical environment. As we make music and move together, we will support toddlers’ development while laying the foundation for success in music and in life.


Toddlers are always moving! Movement is not only your toddler’s favorite newfound skill, but it is also the most effective way for him or her to learn. Engaging toddlers in purposeful movement activities is the perfect way to facilitate motor control while developing attention.


Listening is the cornerstone of all learning. While most children are born with the ability to hear, all children have to be taught to listen well. Our listening activities direct the children to focus on sounds they already know as well as filter out peripheral sounds. Learning to discern within the barrage of sounds that fill our streets, malls, restaurants and even classrooms will prepare them for optimal learning later in life.


All children are innate singers! The cooing of a child is light, high, and musical. By keeping the child in a singing-rich environment, the child will retain his or her singing voice and gain control of it in an ever-expanding range. Most importantly, singing songs, playing instruments, dancing, and rocking with you elevates these experiences so they live on in the mind of the child forever.


Ages 15 months – 3 ½ years

Days of week – Tuesday/Thursday (please choose one)

Time – (9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.)

Duration of semester – 12 weeks

Beginning date - June 1, 2015

Tuition and materials:

   ♦ $275 ($240.00 + $35)

       Includes CD, rhythm instrument, and parent book.

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