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After-School program

If your kids need help with any homework from primary school, we are ready to offer professional assistance and guide them towards their academic success.

The educational program of our school offers:

   - Assistance with a homework, including an explanation of educational material and practical assistance to students so that they can succeed   and continue to work on homework, as well as assistance on various school subjects.

   - Interesting educational activities and fun games to stimulate interest in learning.

   - We provide material and help to children who are interested in extended studying of science, languages​​ and different cultures.

A year-round program that offers a balanced mix of academic support, recreational activities, and cultural experiences for elementary, middle school, and high school youth. The programs are open on most school holidays in order to meet the needs of working parents.

Programs operate in the afternoons and evenings, on weekends, during school holidays and vacation periods, and during the summer. 

 If your child attends a public school and you can’t drive him to our school, we can pick him up at a place you desire.


Monday - Friday, 2:30-6:30:

   ♦ 5 days a week - $175 + $40 pickup ($15 per hour before 2:30 or after 6:30)

   ♦ 4 days a week - $140 + $36 pickup ($15 per hour before 2:30 or after 6:30)

   ♦ less than 4 days a week - $15 per hour + $10 pickup


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Special Needs


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